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I posted up a blog this morning to my personal site & thought the content was relevant to one of the things we do here at Hope for Orphans, which is to remind believers of where they came from.  A clear & honest appraisal of our life before Christ helps encourage us to engage in the orphan crisis with more compassion, commitment & creativity.

I’ve been thinking about my adoption lately. Not my adoption of sweet Abigail which was completed nearly three years ago. And not my current adoption of Joshua – which will hopefully be completed before the end of this year. No, I’ve been mulling over my own personal adoption into the family of God. It occurred to me a couple of weeks back that sometimes I have the tendency to view of my own adoption through the same lens as Abigail’s adoption. Here’s what I mean – we brought Abigail home at 16 months. She was young…she was innocent…she was absolutely adorable & she came to us willingly –as if she’d been in our family her whole life (don’t read this to imply that we didn’t have to work through some attachment issues when she got home). For all these reasons & more – our affection for her came pretty naturally.  And so sometimes when I think about the way the Lord has adopted me into his family it’s colored by my own personal experience with Abigail.

But Scripture doesn’t paint me with the same colors I’ve painted Abigail. I was not an orphan that was cute, innocent, adorable or willing. According to God’s word I was… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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