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In my ten years in the foster system I’ve had many occasions where I’ve witnessed injustice toward children in my home, in friends’ homes, toward birth families, and foster families as well.  Each time I’ve been faced with a decision to speak up and fight against that injustice, or to step back and let things fall where they may.

As a Christian, if I take God’s word seriously, and if I understand His character, I’m really not left with much of a choice.  I have to speak up.  God is a God of justice and He tells us to seek justice as well.  God defends the fatherless, and He tells us to do the same.

Of course, His calls for justice extend to others in the system as well.  We need to speak up anytime we see others denied justice, whether it be the children, the workers, the birth families, or the foster families.

Some friends from my church are in the middle of such a situation right now.  They recently stepped up for two children on very short notice, taking them into their home and loving and caring for them as their own.

They quickly found themselves in the middle of a difficult situation in which they were faced with a choice.  They could retreat and take the safe and easy road, or they could take God’s word seriously and seek justice for these little ones that He had placed in their home.  They chose the latter.  Not only are they seeking justice for these two little ones, but for their birth relatives as well.

It’s been amazing to watch as our church has rallied around this cause.  We have had two times of intensive prayer and we have others praying constantly in their own homes as well.  My friends and others have seen the love of Christ throughout as people come alongside to support them and the children.  They have also witnessed the work of God in other ways as He moves hearts and minds and puts people in place to accomplish His purposes.

I stand back and I watch in awe as my friends serve God faithfully in pursuing justice for two children they haven’t even known for two months.  They are compelled because they know what God’s word says and they take Him at His word.  How many of us would do the same?  Would you?  Would I?  I pray that we will when given the opportunity.  Every orphan in every nation deserves no less.

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