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Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord. – 1 Thessalonians 4:17

On Saturday night March 6th and into early Sunday Morning there was a type of rapture that happened in Haiti. As many of you know Hope for Orphans has been advocating for children at the Haitian Children’s Rescue Mission for most of the last 7 weeks. Twenty-two of these children were eligible for what the government calls “humanitarian parole” and to meet their adoptive families in America. Each of these kids had been chosen before the earthquake to be grafted into a family. They were chosen not because of wealth, good deeds or talent. They were chosen out of the unconditional love of families willing to pay the “ransom” in grace and bring them to places prepared for them in their own homes.

Seven of these children went to the airport on Saturday expecting to be joined with their new family in Miami, but instead, despite the signature of the Prime Minister, there was a complication. Haitian authorities at the airport said these children could not leave without a passport! Haiti is not issuing new passports. So all these confused children were loaded back on a bus and sent back to the orphanage. This was not how the story was supposed to go. This was not what anyone expected or wanted. How, after so long, could these children come so close to the dream and the Lord allow them to go back?

God’s ways are not the ways of men and His plans are wonderful. The Lord holds the heart of the king in His hand. Negotiations began immediately between the US Embassy and the Haitian immigration officials. Back at the orphanage, the caregivers and Dr. Leininger were feeling pretty down and grim. Then one of the orphan girls came to Dr. John and she said with a smile, “We are going home tomorrow.” John was not so sure. She said again “We are going home tomorrow.” Dr. John says that 15 minutes later the phone rang and a voice on the other end said the Embassy is going to work all night and eleven children will fly tomorrow on a donated charter WITH PASSPORTS.

If these 7 had not been turned away on Saturday in a small international incident, the 4 scheduled the next day would most likely not have had a chance to leave.

I once met a Pastor who runs an orphanage in India. He that said sometimes they run very, very low on basic necessities. I asked him what they did. He said with a smile, “We get all the orphans together and ask them to pray to their heavenly Father for help. He listens to them and we have what we need.”

Late on Saturday night He was listening again, as 44 orphans, 11 from the Haitian Children’s Rescue Mission were taken up into the air and met their families at 2 AM down in Miami. It was a new day and new life and a new family.

Please pray for the other 45 that we are working with the government to be considered for humanitarian parole as well. There is legislation that would require this. HR 4603.

I am thankful this morning, that because of sovereign grace, I was granted parole to join the family of the Lamb.

A Haitian Child Welcomed into Her Forever Family

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